UPPDATERAD 2022-02-27

about the bald dude

I'm a married male and father of two, living a disgustingly happy life in Finland. I once studied philosophy at the Department of Philosophy at Åbo Akademi University in the city of Turku, but don't let that fool you.

If you think studying philosphy is an easy life, sipping wine and going "cogito ergo sum" all day long, you're partly right. The partly wrong, however, is a completely different pot of turds. Philosophy is like reinventing the wheel every darn time. And I'm not talking about starting with a nice roundish thing and going "hey, why don't I see if this goes down that hillside really nicely". I'm talking about starting with a flat stone and working your way upward through pyramid-resembling things to something remotely octagonal. When you finally reach the stage where you have a bumpy round stone it feels like a brand new Good-Year. Yup, it's a rocky path.

I am a married man and thus insanely happy. (No, it's not a contradiction.) Marrying Carita was the best thing I ever did. The second best was building a sauna. The third best was converting an old and small barn into our home. We live in the woods since 1999. It was quite a change from the city life of Åbo. We have a cat, Mr Pileser, who is a dignified furball.

My interests - and there's really too many of them - include films, books (preferably by Pratchett), sauna, food, wine, cigars, cognac, single malts, miniature painting (WarHammer 40000), house design & construction, lumberjacking (yes, it can be a hobby), ecology and a lot more.

The one hobby that is closest to my heart is music. A day without music is a day wasted, and two consecutive days without music is a crisis. I lack the gift to create music myself and therefore I am a listener. But boy do I listen carefully. I suffer from a chronic disease called audiophilia. Audiophiles get a kick out of music sounding really really good. We therefore spend obscene amounts of time and energy on our hifi system. Read all about it in the music and hifi section of this home page.

I really hate computers and therefore spend quite a lot of time with them. Actually I worked with them for a couple of years. It so happened that one of my pals suddenly jumped me with a question
 - "You wanna work for me, dude?".
 - "Doing what, man?" I enquired.
 - "Programming, dude." was the instant reply.
 - "But I don't know how, man." was my eloquent retort.
 - "Don't matter, dude." was the cool reply. "You'll learn."
 And ever since it's been "Yes, boss!". Now I've got HTML, DHTML, ASP, ADO, VBScript and SQL coming out out of my ears. I had no idea I could cram such a lot of stuff into my thick head in such a short time. Now I know. And it hurts.

Soon I wanted to try my own wings. At the end of year 2001 I started my own business under the name of WebGnome. (That's NettiTonttu in Finnish) Now I got headaches in PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS as well. Phew. Anyway, I make beauuutiful, fast and easy to use web pages at quite reasonable prices. Looking at the - 'scuse my french - crap that's out there on the 'net it oddly enough seems like a novel idea.

Update 2001

In November 17th 2001 at 8.06 am I became a FATHER. Holy shit what an experience!! (I'm gonna run out of exclamation marks writing this!!!) To save you the embarrassingly enthusiastic parental drool-drenched ramblings, just imagine me going on about what a splendid fellow he is for about five screen-fulls, ok? Right. Fine. Now then, where was I? Ah, yes. The name's Benjamin and there's a shitload of photos on Benjamin's home page. Since about October 2002 I'm staying home with my son full time while my Carita goes back to work as a farmacist in a pharmacy in Turku. What a brave lass she is.

Update 2004

In January 18th 2004 at 3.21 pm I became a father AGAIN. Holy shit what an experience! Again. I lack words for the immense respect and humble love I feel for my wonderful, brave wife. I am truly a privileged man. Men who haven't witnessed a woman giving birth to a child know very little of life indeed.The name's Edwin and of course there's quite a lot of cute pictures on Edwin's home page.

What the future now holds is blissfully unclear. For the moment I will enjoy family life fully. I will continue with web programming and perhaps even study some more philosophy, but that's all quite unimportant for now. Life is good.

Update 2006

At the end of 2006 I find myself at a junction. The boys are having a ball in day care and I'm trying to figure out what to do when I grow up. I thought I'd finish my studies at Åbo Akademi University, but I'm finding it really hard to concentrate for long enough time. What with family life and all. The programming and web design is also harder to give up than I thought. Frustration and disorientation aside, life is still darn good.

Update 2011

My mom retired a couple of years ago and moved back to Finland. She was going to build a small cottage, but actually rather fancied our house, so we built a new one for ourselves. Been living in it for a year now. Nifty. Mom's happy as a puppy in our old house - which is actually her old house - doing weird things to green things in the garden. We're 400 metres apart, so we don't smell each others' farts while it's easy enough to pop in for a chat. And to have a babysitter at your disposal at the drop of a hat is fabulous. Mom's really doing this grandma thing to the max. The boys love her. As do I. We've worked really hard on our relationship, Mom and I, and it's payed off bigtime. We're the best of pals.

The boys are growing up fast. 9 and 7 now, school's fun, apparently, films even more fun and computer games is the shit, though badass daddy thinks it's just shit, so there's not a hell of a lot of that.

Our cat died at the honourable age of 18. Very very sad. You were a wonderful family member and such a personality. You led a full feline life to the end, roaming the forests, chasing foxes and killing small animals that go squeek. Thank you my dear friend for sharing our lives. Sob.

And me? Well, dunno. Some sort of 40-crisis going on, probably. Guess I never did get famous, had a career, became rich, climbed Everest, had a harem, became a professor, cured cancer, rid the world of evil, lost weight, played in a band, became a painter...

Fuck that. I'm still young(ish).

What i did was be me as hard as I can, give as much love as I can, be the best son i can, be the best husband I can, be the best father I can and be the best fellow human being I bloody well can. Whatever else, I know I make this world a better place. If I die now I die a happy man.

Life is weird. Hey, is that the sun shining? Hmm. I'm hungry. Wonder what's in the fridge...

Update 2013

Shit, time flies! Oh, well. Got three new cats, a mum "Selma" and her daughter "Flisan" and son "Frasse". Odd creatures, but they do give such a nice tone to a home, don't they. Life's good and the kids grow like blazes. Mum's really happy in the old house, pottering in the garden. Got my cousin with her family living a couple of hundred yards from us now, in a truly beautiful log house they just finished building. So we've got a sort of mini village thing going, which is so Strömsö. Last summer I spent tuning the sauna building by the beach, the result being a nice little cabin for chilling. Also got a privy, so the beach is becoming our summer residence, really. Sun, sea, sauna and a lot of naked people. Groovy.

Update 2022

Can't really be bothered updating this shit, but here goes: Selma's dead. Flisan and Frasse are still alive, the paranoid fuckers. Life's generally still good and the kids are officially grown up. Mum's still with us, love the old hag to bits. Got fed up coding alone, talking to squirrels, so now I work at a car workshop, smiling and nodding at our customer's. Oh, and we bought an old boat, a 1980 Fodimar, a fibre glass tub with a noisy AF tractor engine. Awesome. For several years now we've been slowly - very slowly - exploring the amzing Finnish archipelago. Speaking of awesome, for my 50th birthday crisis I got a Jag. Yeah. A 1995 Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign with the last glorious straight six engine they built. I call the poor thing The Rat Jag and it's a marvelous ride, gently falling apart like a decadent old English fart in a frayed tweed suit. I took it as a sign: Henceforth I shall endeavour to live more spontaneously, irresponsibly, irrationally and not always overthink shit. Following this I once ordered a dish without reading the whole menu. It was exhilirating and liberating. Next I smoked some weed. (Quite a leap, yes.) Alas, it was a decidedly meh experience. Everything just... paused... for a while, but I didn't see the point of it. So I'll stick to booze, thank you, since it seems to be designed specifically to make me happy and giggling. Speaking of happy, nowadays I'm addicted to Tidal, Youtube and Netflix, wonderful stuff. I was going to end this update with "Peace, Love and Understanding" but Russia just invaded Ukraine, so fuck that. Nevertheless, do try to be kind and so long for now.