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it_was_this_big.jpg   42 kb
dot_com_crisis.jpg   24 kb
bad_cat_01.jpg   14 kb
airplane_safety_instructions.jpg   151 kb
snowmen_01.jpg   55 kb
new_anti_depression_pill.jpg   55 kb
santa.jpg   36 kb
technology_for_country_folk.jpg   313 kb
Images_that_sell_01.jpg   21 kb
Images_that_sell_03.jpg   12 kb
truth_hurts_03.jpg   61 kb
Images_that_sell_05.jpg   15 kb
Images_that_sell_06.jpg   26 kb
eye_exam.gif   5 kb
truth_hurts_05.jpg   50 kb
bitch_fell_off.jpg   40 kb
truth_hurts_02.jpg   35 kb
moses_the_early_years.gif   33 kb
which_cat_does_drugs.jpg   85 kb
Images_that_sell_07.jpg   20 kb
flood.jpg   98 kb
men_and_women.jpg   82 kb
masturbation_warning.jpg   27 kb
Images_that_sell_02.jpg   12 kb
self_confidence.jpg   114 kb
truth_hurts_04.jpg   17 kb
it_could_be_worse.jpg   42 kb
bad_cat_02.jpg   11 kb
snowman_02.jpg   37 kb
hazardous_material.gif   69 kb
mans_first_happy_moment.jpg   15 kb
minulla_on.jpg   90 kb
girlfriend_remote.jpg   47 kb
truth_hurts_01.jpg   37 kb
beware_of_the_dog.jpg   45 kb

DISCLAIMER: I do by no means claim to be the author of any of the jokes. All praise is due elsewhere. Most of this stuff has kindly been sent to me by my friends. Thank you all! I do however reserve the right to edit the material freely. Originals are not retained.