Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in the Vitola Converter!

You are quite welcome to put my nifty little gadget on your own pages, be they private or commercial. It's completely free.

The only thing I ask in return is:

Otherwise you are free to modify it's appearance to suit the rest of your site. If you come up with an improvement, please feel free to implement it. Of course, I'd appreciate it if you share it with me, so that I can incorporate it into the next version of Vitola Converter.

How to implement it? Well, you're probably savvy enough to take a peek at the source code and figure it out from there. If you want help, drop me a note.

I created the Vitola Converter just for fun. The idea, however, came to me while looking for cigars on the internet. It was quite bewildering since the cigar sizes are given in inches, gauges and millimetres. It didn't take long before I got tired of abusing my calculator. A moment later *ahem* the Vitola Converter was born.

If you want more, please visit the WebGnome home page. I'll be happy to be of assistance.

All the best!


9 May 2005